An Organization Dedicated to Hair Disorder Research

Photo courtesy of Marna E. Ericson, PhD and Maria Hordinsky, MD


The American Hair Research Society (AHRS) is a nonprofit organization composed of dermatologists, scientists, and industry partners. Our members support collaborative scientific research of hair disorders. We are dedicated to the advancement and education in the field of hair biology to provide improved patient care.

Our History

The AHRS was founded in 1990 by a group of dermatologists committed to furthering research in hair-related disorders. They had identified a need for an organization that supports hair research and were determined to fulfill it. The benefits of the interactions among clinicians, pathologists, clinical investigators, and basic scientists were of paramount importance.

Over the past decade, the connection between clinical and basic researchers interested in hair biology has nurtured our organization. Currently, our activities are financially supported by our membership, public advocates, as well as industry and government partners.

Our Mission

  • To strongly encourage and promote scientific research in the field of the normal and disordered hair growth.
  • To promote dissemination of state-of-the-art knowledge on hair biology and medical hair disorders.
  • To promote interdisciplinary interaction between basic scientists and clinicians through regular meetings, publications, and innovative communication.
  • To establish links with other international hair research societies and arrange combined meetings on a periodic basis.
  • To educate both our colleagues and the public on hair biology, pathophysiology, and treatment of hair-related conditions.
  • To create and maintain a database of hair disorders that will foster greater enhanced communication between bench scientists, clinicians, industry, patient support societies, lay public, government, and managed care organizations.

How We Accomplish Our Goals

  • By promoting interactions between scientists and clinicians
  • By recruiting established and new basic scientists to study the hair follicle in novel ways
  • By introducing the hair follicle as a useful model for studying many cellular processes not readily attributed to hair follicle biology, such as pigmentation, apoptosis, and stem cell biology
  • By bringing together investigators from different backgrounds to improve the study of hair biology and hair loss

Our Accomplishments to Date

  • Developing mentorships in hair research for recent graduates of dermatology. residency programs or young faculty interested in careers in hair research
  • Awarding seed research funds to investigators in the area of hair biology or hair disorders
  • Supporting online hair research resources
  • Creating a sophisticated interactive website to allow society members to share information and ultimately serve as a source of clear, accurate information for patients with hair disorders

What are the Current AHRS Activities?


We provide a forum for sharing clinical, therapeutic, and scientific information at annual meetings associated with the Society for Investigative Dermatology and the American Academy of Dermatology as well as intercontinental meetings every three years. A major goal of the society is to encourage the active interchange of ideas between clinical practitioners, clinical investigators, and basic researchers interested in hair.

This is important because rapid advances in basic research, such as the sequencing of the human genome, need to be applied to problems in hair research. The AHRS seeks to decrease the lag time between the advent of new technology and its application to hair research. Similarly, the AHRS promotes the translation of findings in the laboratory to new treatments that can help patients with hair loss.

Sponsoring Mentorship Grants

AHRS seeks to support physicians interested in studying hair diseases and taking care of patients with hair loss. We sponsor mentorship grants to allow young physicians to spend time with recognized leaders in hair research.

Encouraging and Funding Hair-Related Research

Currently, AHRS provides small seed grants to support hair research projects. Our hope is that the funded investigator will then obtain National Institutes of Health (NIH) funding to continue their research.

Participating in IMHRS

The AHRS is a founding member of the Intercontinental Meeting of the Hair Research Societies

Sponsoring the AHRS Website

The AHRS website facilitates enhanced communication among members of the hair research community. It also functions as an educational resource for medical and basic science professionals and the public.

AHRS Headquarters Address

American Hair Research Society

303 West State Street
Geneva, IL 60134 USA

(630) 578-3991

(630) 262-1520