The North American Hair Research Society Seal of Recognition

NAHRS Seal of Recognition Program


About the NAHRS Seal of Recognition

The NAHRS Seal of Recognition Program was created to inform physicians and consumers about products whose quality and effectiveness are beneficial in some aspect in promoting healthy hair or scalp, in diagnosing or treating hair or scalp disease, in diagnosing or treating hair loss, or in stimulating or inhibiting hair growth.


Recognition Criteria

The NAHRS Seal of Recognition Program is strictly voluntary. In order to be granted the Seal, there are certain requirements that must be met. The requirements vary depending on the product type. Every product is evaluated for specific attributes selected by the company, by either an independent, 3rd party testing laboratory and/or by the NAHRS Seal Scientific Review Panel. The program is available to products, treatments, or medications that effect hair growth, hair shaft characteristics, or the condition of the scalp.

The Seal is awarded for up to a two-year period. Continued use of a Seal shall require completion of a renewal application and payment of applicable fees. NAHRS may withdraw recognition of a Seal at any time upon the occurrence of one or more events described herein. The Seal of Recognition does not constitute an endorsement by NAHRS, and it may not be used in connection with an accepted product in any way that would imply such endorsement.